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Parisian fashion brand De Fursac is a manufacturer of quality finished products for men. Together with its employees, De Fursac today focuses its taste and love for exquisite materials on creating razor-sharp silhouettes, combining yesterday's elegance with modern chic. High-quality products show their reputation for their relevance and durability.

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On the basis of their Parisian studios, Sandro's design groups have been creating collections and accessories of ready-made clothes with an elegant charm and a characteristic Parisian hue since 1984.

Thanks to its founders and creative directors, Evelyn and Ilan Cetrit, Sandro has developed a true community spirit, generous and proud. Season after season, the fashion house felt like a big family.

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A brand for urban men who are looking for eternal elegance and quality. Balibaris wardrobe clothes are combined to create combinations that match the taste, between classicism and modernity. Clothing is always complemented by details that are adapted to any lifestyle.

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A French brand that strives to be timeless, but at the same time feels good about modern trends. Creates elegant and original women's fashion, full of details and exquisite style. Playing with shapes and materials, he practically reinvents the classics.

German clothing brand for active women, who want to keep up everywhere without losing individuality in style. The collections use different shades, as well as stripes, embroidery, and even leather minis. It is creative, diverse, and always relevant. Female attributes are interpreted in the eternal classic, which enriches every wardrobe.

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A brand of choice for the modern independent woman, who wants to dress well and pay less. They develop high-quality clothing that is not only inspiring and easy to wear but also affordable. IVY&OAK's vision and mission are to create conscious buying behavior with a true sense of current fashion. In a world full of trends, the brand believes in style.

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