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The brand stands for optimistic femininity and appreciates thoughtful details. Modern, elegant colors create a personal style. It is these fundamental principles that define the unique style, style is synonymous with joy. Kate Spade is part of the tapestry house of brands.

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Wattana designs and manufactures personal protective equipment and other special clothing following the latest textile technologies. In the first place for the brand is high quality clothing, as an important indicator is compliance with international and national standards.

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Parisian fashion brand De Fursac is a manufacturer of quality finished products for men. Together with its employees, De Fursac today focuses its taste and love for exquisite materials on creating razor-sharp silhouettes, combining yesterday's elegance with modern chic. High-quality products show their reputation for their relevance and durability.

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Tory Burch is an American brand that embodies the individual style and sensuality of its founder Tory Burch. The brand never ceases to pay sophistication to the main elements of style, allowing you to create a wardrobe that goes beyond the seasons.

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The Dutch brand Claudia Sträter reflects all current trends while maintaining its individuality.

Today, the Claudia Sträter brand has hundreds of stores in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The main feature of the models is the elastic lining, which provides a perfect fit on the female figure.

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The brand is based on two very simple concepts: love of fashion and commitment to quality. Finding the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, emphasizing Jacobs' lush creativity, the brand has become a driving force in the industry.

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