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1. La Maison Lener Cordier

founded in 1954, is an expert in the field of outerwear.

Position on the market of the middle and high price segment for women, people, and children. To unite creative professions and handicraft tools with one main method: quality.

At Lener Cordier, the liking for products is as strong as the satisfaction of customers.


  • All shoulder products, full range of coats, parkas, trench coats, raincoats, up to pret-a-porter for both women and men

TK-Style formed a long-term cooperation since 2004.

Working with such brands:

2. Polaris

was founded in 1992 to serve customers in the placement and production of clothing in Eastern Europe.

Polaris is a trading company operating worldwide with manufacturing throughout Europe and Asia. 


  • Providing individual turnkey solutions tailored to each customer.

TK-Style formed a long-term cooperation since 2017.

Working with such brands:

3. BTB Bulgaria JSC

Annually BTB Bulgaria JSC produces more than 1.6 million items. Founded in 1998, the company is one of the most famous in the women's clothing market in Bulgaria.

BTB covers the entire product development cycle - from the idea of ​​styles to the export of clothing.


  • Full range of women's clothing for the markets of Bulgaria and Western Europe.

TK-Style formed a long-term cooperation since 2019.

Working with such brands:

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